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7 Fall Favorites That BURN Fat

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‘Tis the season…of comforting fall foods. But guess what? Turning to your favorite comfort foods as the weather gets colder doesn’t necessarily mean drowning yourself in excessive amounts of sugars and saturated fats and gaining lots of weight.

Here are some fall foods that can actually help you BURN fat…

A red mug of hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

The health benefits of dark chocolate have been touted for a while now, and research has shown that hot cocoa can possibly ward off dementia in elderly people. Raw cocoa is full of antioxidants that reduce levels of cortisone, so be sure to experiment with recipes using raw cocoa as opposed to boxed hot chocolate, which may be more likely to contain sugars.

A bowl of chicken noodle soup

Chicken Soup

Consuming a broth- or vegetable-based soup before a meal can help you eat fewer calories overall. Also, soups like chicken noodle soup are packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins. It’s also one of…

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