How To Lose Man Boobs

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Get Your Cardio Done in 20 Minutes

Adam Foster


Getting motivated to do cardio can sometimes be tough. When you consider what most people’s idea of cardio consists of, it’s not hard to see why – slugging away on a stationary bike, elliptical or treadmill at a moderate pace for 45 minutes hardly gets the juices flowing in anticipation. But why has this become the widely accepted approach to cardio for most people? Let me explain…

The ‘Fat Burning Zone’

Once-upon-a-time, the thinking was that you had to exercise continuously for at least 20 minutes in a range between 60-80% of your maximum heart rate before your body started to burn fat. This heart rate range was labelled the Fat Burning Zone. Take a look at the labels on the cardio machines at your gym, there’s usually a table showing the correlation between age and what the values of 60% and 80% of your maximum heart rate should be…

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